Master Adit

This is the official website of Master Adit.
A lot of cool stuff is waiting for you here. So, explore this awesome website now!
Since this website is new, there are some pages and resources missing here. But, you can see my previous website by cliking here

About Me

I am Master Adit. I am 15. I have 8 YouTube channels, all for different purposes!

My upload schedule

I try to upload 1 video per week on each of my channels. But, due to my school and other important work (like - My Discord Server), I can't follow this schedule every week. Still, I try my best :D

  • Sunday - Master Adit Music
  • Monday - G4U
  • Tuesday - Sound Effects
  • Wednesday - Master Songs
  • Thursday - Famous People Sing
  • Friday - Master Adit (not every week)
  • Saturday - What's my IQ
  • Any Day - Gone Viral

Visit My YouTube Channel

My Channels

On my first channel (Master Adit), I upload a variety of videos including tutorials on how to grow faster on YouTube.
On my second channel (Master Adit Music), I upload no copyright and royalty free music that can be used by everyone on YouTube!
On Famous People Sing, I upload videos in which famous people (like- Trumph) sing famous songs!
On G4U (Gameplay For You), I upload Free To Use gameplay.
On Sound Effects, I upload Royalty Free Sound Effects (you don't even need to give credits to use these sound effects!!)
On Gone Viral, I upload videos that have potential to be viral on YouTube! On Master Songs, I upload copyrighted music from awesome websites (like Position Music)
On What's my IQ, I upload solutions of the game - What's my IQ

Contact Me

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my videos, to give me suggestions for new videos and series, or to just say hello!